Car Patrol

mobile patrol_Plex Security Langley BC


Plex security provides the safety of the overall area with MOBILE PATROL car patrol services in Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley monitoring any unusual activities around. Patrols of your site are done at specified intervals during day and night. Car patrolling helps in making the area crime-free, thus reducing the risk of theft. If any intrusion is detected, our car parol team can control the situation and perform the necessary actions. It’s best for the assets that have a too big area to be covered by foot patrols. These are cost-effective means as we have don’t have to deploy full-time security guards on the site. Our Patrol Team covers a wide range area which includes all Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley.  Plex Security mobile patrol officers will inspect building premises and office areas. Our emergency call center is available twenty-four by seven a week at your service.


Car Patrols are for a periodic security check for homes and businesses, also for any other type of private property. Cost-Effective crime prevention and security are provided by Plex Security Canada.

  • Industrial Facilities
  • Storage Facilities
  • Malls and Shopping Centers
  • Construction Sites
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Parking Lots/Garages