Event Security

Event Security in Langley, Vancouver

Plex Security has been highly recommended for event management. No matter an event is large or small Plex security has the right team, knowledge, and the track record. We ensure that your event is safe secure and run and well run. Provided provide security/steward personnel with strong customer service plus client focus. Plex ensures your guests make the most of their time at the event and that the client has all their needs met.

Crowd Safety and Management in B.C. Canada

We know how crowd behavior has changed over the last 30 years. It can change the situation of any event in a few minutes. Plex Security has several strategies for crowd management. Crowd management means profiling the event, the audience and the venue itself. Our guards always remember to act as a host on behalf of the client, making people feel welcome and safe  Plex always analyze your crowd flow, seating arrangements, and site design. We make sure that the venue chosen is fit for the event.

Concert Security in Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley
Plex Security understands the security level that is needed for a concert to be held. Our expert security consultants have years of experience in crowd management and venue security. Our trained team deal with issues in high-visibility, high-public interaction settings such as:
1. Sports Events
2. Festivals
3. Live Concerts
4. Trade Shows
5. Business Meetings.